Personalised 圣诞 Stockings

Personalised 圣诞 Stockings


节省9% 从£29.00 是£32.00

Deck the halls with your very own personalised 圣诞 丝袜! Perfect to create a festive mood around the house and in kids’卧室,这些照片礼物 由豪华绒面革和摇粒绒制成,真正带给您本季精神。他们做一个 special keepsake once your kids grow up, but while the 圣诞 spirit is strong design your own personalised 圣诞 袜 for children and watch their eyes light up.

  • 准备在1-2天内发货

  • 英国送货:£5.75

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  • 1 £29.00
  • 2 £27.00 Each (保存£4.00)
  • 3 £25.00 Each (保存£12.00)


  • 白色摇粒绒上衣,红色文字
  • 照片或文字印刷在绒面革上
  • 单一图像或蒙太奇设计
  • 19厘米(最薄点)
  • 红丝带循环
  • 48厘米x 30厘米(最宽点)

Get the whole family a beautiful 圣诞 袜 to make your day extra special.

Especially great for children, personalised 圣诞 丝袜 feature a white polar fleece top, red fancy text and your photos are printed onto sultry suede. Because the drape of the suede is stiff, it can firmly hold shapes, ideal for all those mismatched presents!
  • 坚固耐用48厘米x 30厘米
  • 红丝带循环挂圣诞 stocking
  • 人造绒面革具有阻燃性和防水性
  • Great child's first 圣诞 memento for baby girl or boy
  • 大胆,强烈的色彩非常适合年幼的孩子
  • 红色文字印在防磨损的摇粒绒上



  • 30度洗涤
  • 在85华氏度下洗涤
  • 翻滚1
  • 晾干
  • 无绞线
  • 低热量

我的照片礼物会怎样 Actually Look Like?

由于人造绒面革具有哑光效果,因此颜色非常明亮,大胆,因此您可以’他们会充满活力,会给他们留下深刻的印象 结果发现。摇粒绒也是亮白的,它赢得了’折痕,这样您就可以年复一年地存放它,永不失望。当您在个性化的儿童圣诞袜中添加文字时,与节日的传统配色方案保持一致, 它甚至被鲁道夫认可为迷人的红色。不要忘了最重要的部分之一,红丝带环可以将其挂在壁炉上!由柔滑缎带扎成环状制成,可以显示您的自定义 Christmas stockings for all to see.

Who Would Like Their 圣诞 Stocking Personalised?

谁会’t !?美丽的个性化婴儿的第一只圣诞袜庆祝您的新喜悦 您可以保留作为珍贵的纪念品。毫无疑问,他们会在未来的几年中对此大笑!孩子们喜欢早上着急打开礼物的想法,因此,通过个性化的儿童袜子来增加您的家庭传统–尽管他们的兴奋可能使他们更快地发现什么’里面!这个产品 是将家人团聚的聪明方法,因此请向您的所有亲戚介绍他们自己的有趣或感性的版本 在重要的日子里,或者通过浪漫的讯息向丈夫或妻子表明你有多爱他们。有赢了’不要在屋子里干眼睛!


Like many of our products, the custom 圣诞 socks come with a quantity discount so buy more than one today and save money this 圣诞.

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如果你 can’t decide on which photo to use, you can upload multiple images and create a 照片拼贴. This can be done using one of our pre-set montage templates, or you can create your own entirely 从scratch. It’s super easy to do and the possibilities are endless.



Step 1 –点击开始设计按钮&选择您的产品选项。

Step 2 – Go to the ‘Images & Text Tools’ tab, click the ‘add images/Text’产品上的按钮& ‘Select 图片to Upload’或使用Facebook / Instagram标签。

Step 3 –选择要用于拼贴的图像,然后上传&从上传的照片列表中选择它们。

Step 4 – Click ‘Create montage’ &选择您的拼贴风格。

Step 5 –将拼贴添加到您的设计中。


  • 您添加到拼贴中的图像越多,每个图像将越小。更少的图像将更大,并为您提供更多的清晰度和细节。
  • The more people in an image, the less detail there will be. 如果你 have 10 images of a group of five friends, each person will be smaller than if you have 10 images of just one person.
  • 尝试确保每个图像的最长边大约为10厘米。设计工具中内置有一个方便的标尺,可以帮助您解决此问题。
  • 较小的产品将无法容纳较大的图像。



Our craftsmen then hand cut your printed fabric into the traditional Xmas socks 圣诞 袜 shape which our seamstresses will then stitch together, ensuring enough room is left in the foot for your 圣诞 surprises. 

Polar fleece, in white, tops the 袜 giving it a snow-covered look (this area can be customised with text if you like) and your personalised 圣诞 袜 is then finished with a red ribbon so that you can hang it.


These personalised 圣诞 袜 bags for children are shaped like a sock, so try to place the main subject of your photo in the large area to avoid disappointment. You get to choose images 创建正面和背面的设计,以及选择要打印在白色摇粒绒上的消息。虽然在那里’s no character limit, we suggest a name or short sentence so it looks tidy and can be easily read by all. Become the head of your own grotto and be a 圣诞 袜 designer. 

These luxury 丝袜 can be personalised with anything you like and look great with pictures on them. Use your favourite photos, personalise with names or even stylishly add each person's initials to the 袜 for a more modest take on customisation.