Handmade 个性化 毛巾 UK

Step out of the shower or sea in unique style with 个性化 towels, handmade 和 permanently printed with your designs. Whether you're off to the gym, beach or simply having a bath, these towels come in various sizes 和 are a fun gift for all the 家庭.

Reviews for 毛巾

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Reviews for 毛巾


Excellent service 和 product. The towel I ordered was delivered within a few days of ordering. Brought as a present 和 my father was very happy with his gift.

手工淋浴,沙滩& Tea 毛巾 

个性化 毛巾,英国手工订制, 是所有人的独特但有用的礼物 family and 确保在海滩上或浴室中没有误认毛巾的情况。随身打印 favourite photos, you can create towels for any occasion, such as summer holidays, kids camping trips, guest bedrooms, stag 和 hen dos 和 even kitchen tea towels. All prints are permanent 和 won't fade, giving you a personalised 生活毛巾。如果您选择了特殊旅行或假期中的照片,为什么不设计蒙太奇呢?有多种拼贴风格可供选择,您可以打印大量照片,以获得真正的惊艳效果。

超级吸水 Personalised Towels UK

由超级吸水材料制成 microfibre with a terry towelling loop, these quick dry towels are the perfect washroom accessory that dries 和 warms you up in an instant. The extra surface area allows for more absorbency, drawing water away from your skin quicker than an ordinary towel. This increased surface area also allows for water to evaporate more quickly, so you don't have to wait long for your towels to dry. Due to the technical 超细纤维 fabric's pile, small flecks of white will be seen on the face of the towel, this is normal for this type of fabric 和 gives your design an authentic 毛巾 effect. 

毛巾 for All the Family

Our beach 和 bath towels come in 5 sizes, from small baby size to large adult double. When you're off on holiday, you can design a whole set, helping you to differentiate between everyone. This is also an ideal way to encourage children to look after their very own personalised towels 和 they'll love showing off to their new friends around the pool.

This is also great for your daily morning routines at home. With each 家庭 member having their own towel, you can be sure there won't be any disputes about who took who's towel, which can often be the case when everybody is in a rush in the morning. Printed with their own unique photos, it's obvious which towel belongs to which person. If you're only just 星ting your 家庭, make these towels something of a 家庭 tradition, with each child getting a new birthday towel on milestone ages. 

他的& Hers / Hers & Hers / 他的& His Personalised Towels

作为可爱 anniversary, wedding or housewarming present, the strip towels are perfect for loved up couples. Write their individual names or newly shared surnames for a stunning gift they can display proudly in the bathroom. Available in a set of 2 bath 和/or 2 hand towels, personalised couple towels are both romantic 和 国内实用。

Your text or photo is printed onto a luxury duchess satin strip for that touch of elegance, perfect for a honeymoon, anniversary or engagement gift. Get creative 和 print funny nicknames, or a message along the lines of 'Always Right' 和 'Always Wrong' for some cheeky relationship banter. 

Kitchen Tea 毛巾

无论您是传统还是现代,我们都有 personalised tea towel for you. Made from a beautifully traditional cotton linen fabric, it's a stunning gift that brings vibrancy to any kitchen. One innovative way to design tea towels is to print all your 喜爱 recipes on them. You can create an entire collection, each one featuring a different dish that your 喜爱 love to eat. Rather than a standard, classic recipe book, these tea towels are multi-functional, giving you more value for money 和 a beautiful collection of kitchen accessories that can be passed down in generations.

Why not recreate your own commemorative tea towel like they do in primary school? Get your immediate 和 wider 家庭 members to draw themselves 和 print the pictures onto a special 家庭 tea towel that you can send out at 圣诞 as 个性化 photo gifts. Not only is it sentimental, but it's also something that you can build on each time there's a new arrival, resulting in a 家庭 tree style tea towel.